Edge Nightclub Pup & Handler Competition

The Edge Nightclub Pup & Handler Competition is sponsored by Edge Nightclub and produced by the Augusta Region Pups & Handlers.

The competition will occur on July 15, 2023!

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To give appropriate credit for the Competition Guide, forms, and other information included here:

Competition Guide

Contestant Prerequisites

In order to compete in the Edge Nightclub Pup & Handler Competition, you must meet the following criteria:

Entering the Competition

Application Deadline

Applications (including the fees and photos) should be received by the producers no later than July 1, 2023. Applications may be emailed to arph.augusta@gmail.com. Don’t worry about signing - the producer will print paper copies of the waiver and indemnification for you and have you sign when you arrive.

Application Checklist

Your application should include:

Contest Rules

Judging Methods

Each year, a panel of judges is selected by the producers. All efforts will be made to make the panel as diverse as possible. The judges will have knowledge and experience that help make them qualified to subjectively judge the contestants. A head judge, who will represent Edge Nightclub, is assigned to lead the group and moderate the necessary segments. The head judge will also have the responsibility to ensure that the panel is following guidelines spelled out by the contest, both explicitly and in the spirit of the contest and title. If necessary, the head judge will bring any concerns or request for clarification to the producers. As mentioned in the rules, in case of a tie, the Head Judge will make the final decision.

Every judge is not just assigning a score to a contestant, but also actively providing notes on what went well and what can be improved upon for next time. The notes judges provide to each contestant are candid feedback to help the contestant assess their performance, explain the scores received and provide feedback on what went well or could use improvement – they are a private communication between the contestant and individual judge and are understood to not be for public consumption.

Contestants are encouraged to get to know the judges and interact with them; however, contestants shall be prohibited from having private meetings or engaging in any sexual activity or play scene with any judge prior to the announcement of the contest results.

Scoring will be tabulated by a tally master (a member of the community who will individually tabulate the scores). This individual has the somewhat tedious job of evaluating and requesting clarification on scoring sheets, adding up and determining the component and final scores while maintaining full confidentiality of the running totals. The tally master’s calculations will be verified by the producers and any discrepancy will be addressed prior to announcing the winners.

In the event the contest has four (4) or more contestants competing for a single title, there will be an elimination of the lowest scoring contestants until only three (3) remain. This is per title, so Pups and Handlers are considered separately. The elimination will occur based on the activities before the opening of Edge Nightclub (9:00 PM) and the contestants will be notified privately between 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM. This is done to ensure that both the community and the judges are able to spend ample time with each of the remaining contestants especially during the nightclub atmosphere which can limit accessibility but is extremely important to the nature of a bar title.

In order to be named Edge Nightclub Pup or Handler, the entrant must score a minimum of six hundred (600) points, which equates to 60% of the total points available. 

Contest Components

All sections are graded on a 1-10 scale and then weighted with a multiplier for the total points.

The total possible points available = 1000 points

Details of the various components:


This component is intended to introduce the contestant to the public. The contestant will be judged on how they present themselves, personality projection, authenticity, their comfort in speaking, delivery and the content.

Quick Intro: This introduction is a quick (1 minute) introduction and should include their pup or handler name and breed (if applicable). This is the chance for the contestant to show their personality and make a good first impression. This introduction is at the very beginning of the competition and will take place in the Capri for a limited audience.

Introductions & Goals: This is a longer introduction that should be between ninety (90) seconds and three (3) minutes in length and takes place at Edge Nightclub. This will be timed and the judges will be informed of the recorded length. Going over the timeframe will result in a point reduction. The points deducted will be standard across the contestants but may be amended for situations out of the contestants' control. Examples of issues outside of the contestants' control would be but are not limited to, microphone malfunction or audience disruption. 

More than just the basic information, this introduction is designed to see the contestant the way the public will see them as a titleholder and should include a goal for their title year. It is important for the contestant to choose a goal that they are both familiar with and passionate about. Some contestants may also use this portion to allow the audience the opportunity to get to know something about them such as their past or their vision.


Interview: Each contestant will participate in a private interview with the judges. This is not a public display. The head judge will establish the order and room set for questions and will also moderate the session.  Each judge should be allowed to ask whatever type of questions they deem necessary to learn what they need to know about each contestant. Based on the number of contestants to interview and the time allowed, the head judge will set limits on how many questions the judging panel will ask.

The interview is set up as a means for the judges to get to know the contestants. The questions that they ask will be completely up to them. It is important for the contestant to be prepared to answer a wide range of questions. While not limited to, it should be expected to hear questions regarding their application, pup play history questions, social media presence, lifestyle questions, and personal belief questions. The primary goal for the interview is to show how the contestant will represent both Edge Nightclub and the pup play community.


The socialization component of the competition is based on how the contestant interacts and presents themselves to the public.

Socialization/Image: Judges will observe all contestants during the course of the event. Judging officially begins after the contestant/judge check-in. Any contestant arriving late should expect a reflection of this in their total points. From their observations, judges will award Socialization/Image points based on their opinions of how each contestant behaves and interacts as a puppy or handler. During any moshing, puppies will be observed for mosh interactions, behavior, and handling of consent while handlers will be observed for interacting, creating safe spaces, and the well-being of all mosh pit participants. Observations will include, but will not be limited to, all public and moshing interactions. All contestants’ social media accounts will also be observed for any behavior that does not align with community values.

The purpose of this component is to see the contestant interact with the public as a whole. A large part of being a titleholder is spending time at events with both friends and strangers. It is important for the contestant to recognize that they are being watched at all times, as they balance their interactions.

Public Q&A: The judges will observe the contestants as they answer one or two unknown questions. These questions will be submitted by the public throughout the event and presented to the contestants shortly after their Introductions & Goals at Edge Nightclub. The questions may be randomized or they may be specifically chosen for the contestant by the judges. Typically, one question is related to community service and one question is meant to be more light-hearted.  The purpose of the pop questions is to see if the contestant is prepared for the unknown questions that always arise in their travels. Contestants will be awarded points for engaging the MC and audience, comfort in answering questions and the ability to land on their verbal paws when presented with a challenging or ridiculous question.


For this competition there are two scenes in which each contestant will participate. The judges will observe the contestants in both a Mystery Grab Bag Scene and a Fantasy Scene.

Both scenes are meant to be fun for the audience. The scenes may be very puppy-fun-centric or they may be overtly sexual in nature. Due to state law, no nudity is allowed on stage and should be appropriate for a public audience and are expected to be respectful to the community at large. Scenes with extremely inappropriate behavior/topics may be disqualified by the producer/head judge's decision.Examples of this would be (but are not limited to) scenes promoting rape culture, racism, misogyny, transphobia, intolerance, or promoting hate symbols.

Mystery Grab Bag Scene: Each contestant will be given a mystery grab bag with between three (3) and five (5) items and given three (3) minutes to prepare a scene lasting no more than two (2) minutes. The scene should utilize all or most of the items in creative and fun ways. The scene will be judged on entertainment value, audience appeal, creativity, personality projection, safety and overall presentation. The goal of this scene should be frivolity and fun while showcasing the contestant’s personality.

Fantasy Scene: This scene should be no more than three (3) minutes in length and typically contains music/background tracks. Due to time constraints, points are deducted after three (3) minutes. There are no microphones furnished, so spoken words are expected to be on the background tracks. The contestants may have up to two additional people on stage to help with the scene. The scene can be with another contestant, where both are scored, but this must be disclosed to the contest producers prior to the beginning of the competition. All music/background tracks must be given to the producers no less than two (2) weeks prior to the first day of the contest. All music/background tracks must be digital in MP3 format. There is no contingency for tardiness on this, as the production crew must be familiar with the content.

Fantasy scenes are diverse in nature and can range from erotic to humorous, depending on the contestant. A contestant may showcase their headspace, how they play within the pup community, or what drew them to pup play in the first place. Whether the contestant does a lip sync, an interpretive dance or has a bucket of glitter dumped on them, the scene should be entertaining for the general audience and have a wide appeal. Any debris must be cleaned up by the contestant or their assistants promptly.

2023 Schedule

All activities will occur on July 15, 2023

Time Activity Location

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Contestant/Judge Check-In Capri: Poolside

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Quick Public Introductions Capri: Lounge

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Private Judge's Interviews Capri: Gazebo

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Mystery Grab Bag Scenes Capri: Poolside

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM DINNER BREAK

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Fantasy Scenes Capri: Lounge

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM BREAK

9:00 PM - 9:30 PM Contestant/Judge Check-In Edge Nightclub

9:30 PM - 10:30 PM Introductions & Goals Edge Nightclub

10:30 PM - 11:30 PM Public Q&A Edge Nightclub

After the 2nd Drag Show Winner Announcement Edge Nightclub

All times/locations are subject to change

Expectations of the Winners

The primary responsibility for the winners is to build and maintain a positive and respectful image of the contest, Edge Nightclub, and the pup play community. There are a few specific minimum expectations listed below, but it’s mostly up to the individual winner to decide how they want to and are best able to represent - each winner is unique in their goals and aspirations and are encouraged to exceed these minimum requirements based on their personal ability and enthusiasm.

Failure or inability to fulfill the listed minimum requirements of the Winner can result in revocation of the title.

Community / Public Representation

Everyone has opinions about topics and we respect that individuality. These opinions may not always be in agreement with that of the producers, your peers, your community, the nightclub or its staff. We request that when these differences arise you keep decorum in mind with regards to your title. If there are questions pertaining to what may be appropriate please contact your producers in advance and we will assist. Please keep in mind you are representing the title, club, bar, and your community. These titles are to be protected, honored, and most importantly passed to your successor.

We expect you to exercise social intelligence in recognition of the visibility a title-holder has: you are a figurehead and a representative. You will be seen as an extension of the nightclub, a lifestyle, and a community so we expect that you will remain true to who you are and what you believe in.

Tarnishing the reputation of the nightclub, contest or the title can lead to revocation of the title.

Communication with Producers

Winners must maintain an open dialog with the producers regarding the goals and plans.

Event Attendance

The winners are expected to attend and represent at a minimum of six (6) pup / handler related events during their title year:

The winners will notify the producers of planned event attendance with enough time that the producers may also attend or provide assistance and determine compliance with the event attendance requirement.


During your title year, you may coordinate and host the following:

Attending Successor Contest

Winners agree to attend, provide a step-aside speech and assist in whatever manner deemed necessary by the producers at the following year's contest when the successors are determined.

Competition in Other Title Contests

The winners need the express permission from the producers to compete in any other title contests during their title year. This is to prevent conflicts of interest in potentially representing more than one title at a time.

Resignation or Termination of Title

If a winner is unable to fulfill their duties or their title is revoked, the winner will return all title regalia to the producers immediately.