Entrants (In alphabetical order)

(AKA: Khaos)

Handler Entrant
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Havok is a wolf pup who has been involved with pup play for over four years. They have recently been exploring their handler side as well and is entering in that capacity.

Pup Flyboy

Pup Entrant
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Flyboy is a Jack Russell terrier and has been involved in pup play for almost a year, first exploring his pupsona at Dog Days of Summer 2022.

Pup Pannox
(AKA: Pan/Nox)

Pup Entrant
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pannox is a husky and an emotional support pup and has two alternate pupsonas: Pan and Nox. He has been involved in pup play for four years.

(AKA: Surge/MardiGrowl)

Pup Entrant
(He/They/Good Boy)

TyDa has three different pupsonas: TyDa is an American pit bull terrier, Surge is a dachshaund, and MardiGrowl is a bull terrier. He has been involved in pup play for about two and a half years.