Demi Happy-Returns

Head Judge / Bar Representative

Demi Happy Returns is one of Augusta's (and the Pup's) favorite nonbinary Drag Things. They recently won the title of the first ever Mx. Outfest this past June to represent South Carolina Pride for the 2023-2024 season. They are also the reigning winner of Alexiya's Drag Race at Edge Nightclub. You have probably seen them performing around the CSRA and Columbia, on the Augusta Pride Festival stage, or their "pup viral" Blues Clues performance online.  They love the mutual support that the Pup and Drag communities give to each other and believe that we are all stronger when we work together. They are working on plans to partner with ARPH in the future for community health fundraisers.

Pup Chip

Judge / Bar Representative
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Chip has been a pup for just over two years. He discovered pup-play as a means to escape the harsh realities of the world when his partner of eleven years passed away from kidney failure. Despite his vast array of colored muzzles and gear, Chip is one of the most recognizable pups at Edge Nightclub. He's always willing to lend an ear to a friend (or newcomer) who needs to talk, and 9 times out of 10, you will catch him at Edge (or next door) every weekend.

Pup Kase

(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pup Kase is a human puppy that identifies as a red & white Irish setter.  He began his journey in 1990.  During that time he was kept as a human beast.  His time as a human beast transitioned with the times into being a human puppy.  He was IPTC International Puppy 2018 and Heart of The South Leather Puppy 2018.  Being an innate puppy he lives full time in the lifestyle, however, realizing that society requires times of discretion and behavior modifications. Pup Kase is the Alpha for the League of Atlanta Pups as well as his own pack.  He lives with his partner of 20 years as well as his beta of 5 years. Pup Kase identifies as a power switch and regularly says that he is the only masochist that can handle his sadism. Pup Kase makes it a point to unify our diverse community. If you lose him, just check the nearest cage where he may have locked himself in with your belongings or maybe even the nearest bar drinking other peoples drinks.

Handler Dov


Pup Stolas

(They/Them/Good Pup)

Stolas is a founder and admin for the North-Central Florida Pets and Handlers Organization, as well as the 2022 Florida Puppy Title holder, and competed at The International Puppy and Trainer Contest as part of the IPTC class of 2023. A Greysexual and non-binary community member they promote visibility for socially anxious, Trans, Non-binary, and Ace spectrum facets of our community, and they champion Trans and reproductive rights causes and fundraisers with their social media presence. They are a mini American shepherd from the swamps of northern Florida, and currently live in Tampa with their Handler.


Daddy Vexx

Primary Tallymaster

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a squirrel! WAIT NO, it’s Pup Vexx! Vexx is a mild mannered human by day, and by night he is a very active pup who is full of hijinks and fun. Pup Vexx’s first big event was in 2019 for the 2020 Florida Puppy contest as a handler. There he assisted contestant Pup Turtle manage the often difficult maze of contest running. Pup Turtle succeeded and was awarded the 2020 Florida Puppy Title. The quickest way to Vexx’s paws is to present him with cigars, rope and impact play. He is fluid and is an unpredictable switch. Vexx embodies the idea of #nocritterleftbehind. If you are interested in learning about being a pup he always comes prepared with extra gear and loves introducing and helping individuals grow. Pups and critter are Vexx’s world. He is always seeking ways to offer to his services and to strengthen his community.

Pup Spartan

Bar Representative Tallymaster
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pup Spartan is an employee of Edge Nightclub and works as a bar back and sometimes as a bouncer or a bartender. He has been a pup for the past three years and is a proud member of the Knights of Olympus. Spartan is also very well known as a quality producer of chainmail collars, necklaces, bracelets and more. He sells his wares through Spartan's Chainmaille and the Barkside.


Tara Blee St. Martin

Primary Emcee

CJ Foxx Star

Support Emcee

CJ is a California native from the city of Colton who moved to Augusta, Georgia in June of 2018. He is an active duty United States Army Soldier and has served in the Army for the last fourteen years; while actively serving, his passion for Community service and outreach continued wherever he found himself stationed. CJ’s titles include: Reigning Prince Royale I of Georgia, Mr. Augusta Pride 2021, King of Capitol City Pride 2018 and Mr. Gay Tacoma 2017. His outreach endeavors have assisted numerous organizations within and outside of the state of Georgia to include: Golden Harvest Food Bank, Power2Endure, The Trevor Project, Mission 22, Family Promise of Augusta, NAMI Georgia, St. Stephens Ministry, Equality Clinic of Augusta, Richmond County School Supply Drive, Rape Crisis Center of Augusta, Augusta, Statesboro, Upstate, Low Country and Famously Hot SC Pride, the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center in Columbia, SC and many more. CJ is projected to PCS in April of 2024 where his new home will be Monterey, California, serving as a Drill Sergeant for Service members stationed at the Defense Language Institute within the Presidio of Monterey. He invites any and all individuals interested to follow his journey to do so on his social media handles on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram; keyword CJ Foxx Star.

Helpful Puppies

Pup Treble

Den Puppy
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pup Treble came over to the pup community from the leather boy world in 2018. In his years of being the Southeast Puppy, Treble has helped his partner start Pup Play Productions and getting the very first pup space in the Augusta Pride festival and parade, opening the flood gates for the fast growing pup play community in Augusta. No matter what is going on Treble always finds time to cuddle up with some video games.

Pup Link

Judges' Pup
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pup Link started in the pup community at the age of 24 as a Handler first and has been involved with the pup community for 18 years. He found his inner pup October 2021 and took to the role with gusto. Currently, he is Alpha to the Mutts'R'Us pack, with 9 pups he guides and looks after. Pup to Handler Deaus, a member of League of Atlanta pups, and Augusta Regional Pups & Handlers, Link is an avid and active member of the community.

Producers & Admin Staff

Alexiya St. Martin

Site Liaison
(He/Him/She/Her/NOT a good boy)

Show director at Edge Nightclub and 'pup bully' when not prancing on stage!  Edge's resident 'alpha' makes sure that pups and everyone is safe and has a good time. 

Handler Deaus

ARPH Producer
(Ask for Pronouns)

Deaus has been involved in the kink/BDSM community since 1996 and started as a handler in 2022 with his partner, Pup Kota. He enjoys making sure that pups are safe and happy, is known for his scritches and belly rubs, and always has the best treats! Outside the kink community, Deaus has also been a leading member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms since 2011 and served as a corporate officer for four years.

Pup Kota

ARPH Producer
(He/Him/Good Boy)

Pup Kota is a sassy Corgi who brings passion to everything they do. Having been involved in the kink/BDSM scene since 2012 and a global educational non-profit (the Society for Creative Anachronisms) since 2011, Kota combines his love of learning, teaching, and including everyone around him to the Pup community. Kota's work with non-profits has earned him a lifetime achievement award for education, artistry, and leadership. Officially joining the Pup community in June 2022, Kota has jumped in feet-first and takes that same enthusiasm, passion, and joy and channels it into building up those around him.